Creative juices dried up

Artist blocks are devastating to the sensitive nature of some artists.  “Can I do this, Why am I even trying, I may as well quit.” These are a few phrases I have uttered to myself throughout my journey back into the art pool.  When I was younger, I was vying for the attention of my local town and neighbouring city, walking into art galleries with my physical print in hand and verbally asking for their support.  Today the pool has opened up to the ocean of the whole world, views are electronically transmitted to customers and conversations are read in the ‘About’ section posted with your piece. What hasn’t changed is, it’s sink or swim.  My oldest son, who is also an artist and sells his work online, grew up with the evolution of the internet and advised me to get over my fears and put it out there.  The nervousness I feel electronically uploading my work and sharing my journey stunted my progress.  I flip flop from, ‘I can’t do this!” to “I can do anything!” and back again.  So here I am, going against my nature and asking the world to look at me. This is a distraction I have never had to deal with before.

A couple years ago, when I first began to design again after 20+ years of focusing on being a mother, I had an overwhelming feeling of fear.  The doubt I had on my abilities was paralizing.  I had never felt anything like it before when it came to my art. I needed help.  Friends would tell me, “it’s in you, it’s always in you”..that frustrated me because that made it sound like it was tucked away behind the appendix and I can go in there and get it. I have read so many blogs with endless paths of support to help lead you out of the rut. What helped me at that time was a challenge I found on Pintrest that listed a subject or item to draw everyday for 30 days.  I decided to accept this challenge..But!…for accountabilty and (maybe validation) I posted my challenge and daily drawings on my Facebook page.  I was never so terrified in all my life.  For some reason, I went from a 20yr old, ‘don’t give a fu#@ what people thought of my artwork’ to ‘omg, I suck’…I didn’t last the whole 30 days, but it was a great exercise to ‘get the rust off’…It made wheels turn that hadn’t turned in a long time.  It felt good to be given a random topic and wonder how I was going to translate it -in my way from my heart.  I think I will head back to my posts on my Facebook page and pick up where I left off and see if that quenches my thirst for my creative juices.  


Check out this site below to maybe help you out of a creative block.

Advice from Artists on How to Overcome Creative Block, Handle Criticism, and Nurture Your Sense of Self-Worth – Brain Pickings

I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions about this topic.  Getting Artist block is a never ending occurance. And what I realized…for whatever reason it comes up, something different is going to pull you out of it each and every time.

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